Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rippling Rhythms

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The previous post presented Plato's Meno diagram as
an illustration of (superimposed) yin and yang.

For those who prefer a more fluid approach to yin and yang —

From a June 15, 2016, Caltech news release on gravitational waves —


The "chirp" tones of the two LIGO detections are available for download. Formats are suitable as ringtones for either iPhone or Android devices. (Instructions for installing custom ringtones)

September 2015 Detection

December 2015 Detection

Related commentary from July 2015 and earlier —

See posts tagged Haiku.

A different perspective —

“A Matrix of Four”

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The title is from a book quoted in the previous post.

A related illustration from 7:31 AM Tuesday, September 27 —

"The matrix at left below represents the feminine yin  principle
and the diamond at right represents the masculine yang ."

Doris and Oscar

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An image from last night's post Brand Name —

"Squared into a matrix of four" 

YouTube data suggested by the above passage —

'Doris Day Deserves an Oscar'— Doris Day on YouTube, 'A Guy Is a Guy'

Related literary remarks —

A Heart for the Gods of Mexico , Conrad Aiken, 1939

Brand Name

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