Sunday, November 23, 2014

Remarks on Reality

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Wallace Stevens in "An Ordinary Evening in New Haven"
(1950) on "The Ruler of Reality" —

"Again, 'He has thought it out, he thinks it out,
As he has been and is and, with the Queen
Of Fact, lies at his ease beside the sea.'"

One such scene, from 1953 —

Another perspective, from "The Osterman Weekend" (1983) —


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Corrections to the NY Times  obituary of Alexander Grothendieck
are shown below. For the original Sunday, Nov. 16, NY Times 
print obituary (with its online date, Nov. 14), see a copy taken
from a weblog.

Stevens on 'the Ruler of Reality'

For another poetic remark in memory of Grothendieck,
see a Log24 post from November 13, the day of his death.

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