Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics Special

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Quoted in some remarks yesterday on geometry—

IMAGE- Eric Temple Bell on 'Solomon's Seal' as a 'highly special topic'

From posts linked to this morning—

IMAGE- 'Jewel in the Crown'- MAA version of the Crown of Geometry

The Source— 

IMAGE- Coxeter as King of Geometry

Raiders of the Lost Ring

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Wikipedia on a magical ring

IMAGE- Wikipedia article, 'Seal of Solomon'

Background—  The Ring and the Stone, a story linked to here Wednesday.

“By then he was familiar with the work of the Vienna Actionists….
He once said that he had his first taste of the movement
when he heard the screams of his mother’s dental patients
from her office next door to the family’s apartment.”

Obituary of a Viennese artist who reportedly died Wednesday

Is it safe?

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