Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Death on Good Friday

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Edward Reed Whittemore Jr. was born
on Sept. 11, 1919, in New Haven, 
where his father was a doctor. 
He earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Yale.
As a sophomore there, with his roommate
James Jesus Angleton (who would later become
the Central Intelligence Agency’s counterintelligence chief),
he founded a literary magazine, Furioso.

— The New York Times

In memoriam:



  1. Computers in "23"
  2. Der Einsatz
  3. The Borges Compass

Carpenter Song…

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Where Entertainment is God

(Continued from April 4 and April 8)

"Hot dog… I'm a winner either way."
Mary Chapin Carpenter

The Christening

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Today's Times  teasers—

Location, Location, Location.

Click on image for further details.

See also April 3rd's Catholic View.


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IMAGE- Video- Indiana Jones teaches archaeology.

See also Argyle in this journal.


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IMAGE- Poem, 404x529

IMAGE- Scots dictionary- 'farther east' is 'easter.'

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"A New York Jew imitates D. H. Lawrence at his peril."

The New York Times  today

“Our focus is on creating very high quality, highly artistically produced programs that bring together worlds that usually don’t talk to each other,” said Dr. Greene, a physics and math professor at Columbia and well-known popularizer of science. “We’ve tried to inject the drama of science into these highly produced programs, so people leave the event saying, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that’s what science is like.’ ”

As for D. H. Lawrence, see this journal on September 10, 2003.

* For the title, see last night's Turing Gate.

Turing Gate

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In memory of Christine Brooke-Rose,
an image from the date of her death

IMAGE- Excerpt from book 'Turing's Cathedral'

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