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See also Theology as Grammar.

Ein Satz

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4 × 5 =  ̲2̲0̲  .


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The link "Ten is a Hen"
in today's 10 AM post, and
Carl Schoettler on Barbara Wilson's
novel Gaudi Afternoon

"She's told a detective story without violence,
murder, mayhem, massacre, or even explicit sex
although there are a couple of sly double entendres.
She pays an homage to Dashiell Hammett
when Cassandra tells the gay saxophonist
 she's Brigid O'Shaughnessy.
Brigid O'Shaughnessy, of course, is the woman
Sam Spade won't play the sap for
in 'The Maltese Falcon.'"

Judy Davis, shown above in
"One Against the Wind," was the star
of the film version of Wilson's novel.

Cock Tale (continued)

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The late Ben Gazzara as Jackie Treehorn
in "The Big Lebowski"—

Jackie Treehorn Presents

Ten is a Hen .

Der Einsatz

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See the title phrase and Ice 9 in this journal.

Office Visit

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From the screenplay of "The Number 23"—


Agatha climbs a dark staircase. Layers of dust

testify to years of neglect.


Agatha finds ROOM 318. A rusting door plaque reads,


For related material, see "Leary + Cuernavaca" and "Prime Cut."

Happy belated 2/3 birthday to Walter Sparrow.

Related material— Two other occurrences of "318" in this journal—
in another horror story, "The Sweet Smell of Avon,"
and in a quote from the Feast of St. Nicholas, 2010

"When Novelists Become Cubists," by Andre Furlani—

"A symbol comes into being when an artist sees that
it is the only way to get all the meaning in.
Genius always proceeds by faith" (312).

The unparaphrasable architectonic text
"differs from other narrative in that the meaning
shapes into a web, or globe, rather than along a line" (318).

[The references are to page numbers in
 Guy Davenport's The Geography of the Imagination .]

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