Friday, August 19, 2011

Convoluted Narrative

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IMAGE- Chilean filmmaker Raul Ruiz died Friday, Aug. 19, 2011.  Known for 'convoluted narratives.'

Related material:  Duende meets Saturday Night Live

IMAGE- Imaginary novel, 'The Pinochet Sudoku,' from Saturday Night Live De Niro sketch

The "duende" link above leads to a post containing the following—

IMAGE- Excerpt from Dec. 11, 2006, post on Pinochet and the Escorial- where Lorca said 'geometry abuts with a dream.'

For the Sudoku part, see this afternoon's Geezer Puzzle and a comment
at Diamond Geezer's weblog this morning by combinatorialist Peter J. Cameron—

This reminds me of an incident a few years ago when Sir Michael Atiyah was interviewed by a journalist, who asked him what he thought of the Sudoku craze. Sir Michael replied that he was delighted to see so many people doing mathematics every day, and was taken to task by the journalist because "there is no mathematics in it: you don't add the numbers or anything".


Anyway, I consider this a mathematical puzzle; I even have some fancy words for it (a Graeco-Latin square with two disjoint diagonals and some entries prescribed). But don't let that scare anyone off trying the puzzle!

Thanks, DG: I put a link to it right away.

See also the Pope's schedule today.

Geezer Puzzle

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An RSS item today—

Peter Cameron Diamond squares Fri Aug 19, 2011 05:36 [EDT] from Peter Cameron by Peter Cameron

If you like Latin squares and such things, take a look at Diamond Geezer’s post for today: a pair of orthogonal Latin squares with two disjoint common transversals, and some entries given (if you do the harder puzzle).


The post referred to—


"This Jack, joke, poor potsherd, ' patch, matchwood, immortal diamond,
                Is immortal diamond." —Gerard Manley Hopkins, Society of Jesus

Those now celebrating the Catholic Church's "World Youth" week in Madrid
may prefer a related puzzle for younger and nimbler minds:

The Diamond 16 Puzzle.

Open, Sesame Street

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“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”  —Yogi Berra

Related material:  Alice in the Garden and The Pythagorean Letter.


Zorro in this journal.

For some other symbology, see selected posts from today’s date, Aug. 19.


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"Francis Bacon used the phrase instantia crucis,  'crucial instance,' to refer to something in an experiment that proves one of two hypotheses and disproves the other. Bacon's phrase was based on a sense of the Latin word crux,  'cross,' which had come to mean 'a guidepost that gives directions at a place where one road becomes two,' and hence was suitable for Bacon's metaphor."

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

Such a cross: St. Andrew's.  Some context—


X Marks the Spot  scene, "The Last Crusade"

Related symbology for Dan Brown—

Neville's Labrys and Notes on Mathematics and Narrative.

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