Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CMT Awards Night

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A meditation, while watching the Country Music Television
CMT Awards, on today's evening NY lottery number 469.

For Reese  Witherspoon* and Dionysus, not Apollo—

A Funny Thing Happened
on the Way to the Edifice


— Page 469 of Wallace Stevens's Collected Poems

See also page 469 of Gravity's Rainbow  (Penguin Classics 1995 paperback)


* Not the Witherspoon Church  of this evening's 6 PM entry.
Reese won Sunday's 2011 MTV Movie Awards' Generation Award .

Both the MTV Movie Awards and the CMT Awards are productions
of MTV Networks, a subsidiary of Viacom Inc. For some background,
see Sumner Redstone (formerly Rothstein).

Songs and Fingerplays

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To Pay Paul


From Princeton Public Library (65 Witherspoon St., on map above)—

Songs and Fingerplays—



Fingerplay— See this morning's 10:30 AM post.

Song— Paul Robeson sings "Summertime."

See also the Harvard version.

… And Rosetta Stone

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Halle Berry as Rosetta Stone

Halle Berry as Rosetta Stone

For Saint Peter

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… and Arthur Koestler

The theme of the January 2010 issue of the
Notices of the American Mathematical Society
was “Mathematics and the Arts.”


Related material:

Adam and God (Sistine Chapel), with Jungian Self-Symbol and Ojo de Dios (The Diamond Puzzle)


See also two posts from the day Peter Jennings died—

Presbyterian Justice and Religious Symbolism at Harvard.

Hellgate Joke (continued*)

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The New Yorker 's review of The Great Escape  (Simon & Schuster, $27), by Kati Marton—

"Marton, who fled Hungary as a child in 1957, illuminates Budapest's vertiginous Golden Age and the darkness that followed (a darkness that some of her subjects, notably Arthur Koestler, never shook)."

— Issue dated November 6, 2006

See also The Ninth Gate  in this journal and the life of Marton's second husband, Peter Jennings.

* Continued from April 12.

A Look Back

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Apollo (not Orpheus) versus Robert Kaplow,
author of The Cat Who Killed Lilian Jackson Braun


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