Saturday, April 16, 2011

State of Grace

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Today's lottery in the state of Grace (Kelly, of Philadelphia)—

Pennsylvania numbers: mid-day 226, evening 045.



For 226, see 2/26 this year— The Pope's Speech

If the truth were a mere mathematical formula,
in some sense it would impose itself by its own power.

For 045, see not the date (March 7, 2007), but the content  of Comfort and Joy.


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For Pope Benedict XVI and the late Al Sears

Today is the Pope's birthday. Another date of interest—

Al Sears, composer of "Castle Rock," is said to have died at 80 on March 23, 1990. If Sears were a saint, March 23 would be his saint's day— his dies natalis  (day of birth into heaven).

For Al—

This morning's post linked to a picture of Alicia Keys's hands at a piano keyboard. Some background from March 23 this  year— "Well, she was just 17" and The Heroic Finger.

For the Pope—

IMAGE- book cover- 'Secret of the Golden FLower'

Click, as the instructions say,
to look inside.

Castle Rock

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Jeremy Bernstein on jazz composer Al Sears

"One of his more successful songs was a jive tune called Castle Rock. I asked him what the title meant."

See also Claves Regni Caelorum  here on the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels last year.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Enchanted Sequel

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Today's mid-day NY lottery number was 407. See April 7 in this journal.

The sequel—Today's evening NY lottery number was 930. See Castle Rock.


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Today's noon post included a search result from a website titled "Enchanted Mind."

Related thoughts:

Today's New York Times  on Julie Taymor's "Spider-Man"

"Gone, when the show resumes performances on May 12 after a three-week overhaul, will be the Geek Chorus of narrators…."

A theatrical alternative—

National Catholic Reporter  in 1995 on "Mighty Aphrodite"—

"Woody's neuroticism may be wearing thin, but he has invented a comic Greek chorus to comment on his problems…."

For a less comic Greek chorus, see The Quiet Customer (August 10, 2010).

"Hello, are you my 3 o'clock?"


See also Spider Girl (August 2, 2009).

Spider Notes

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Some connotations of the word "eightfold" —

IMAGE- Google search for 'eightfold geometry,' April 15, 2011

See also Damnation Morning and today's New York Times

A Final Bow for Julie Taymor's 'Spider-Man' Vision.


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The April Scientific American  on the partition function p (n )

"… in January, Ono and another collaborator [Bruinier] described the first formula that directly calculates p (n ) for any n, a feat that had eluded number theorists for centuries."

Exercise: Is this remarkable claim true or false?

For commentary here, see Jan. 27, "Indiana Jones and the Magical Oracle."

For further comments (the most recent from March 11), see mathoverflow.net, "Exact formulas for the partition function?"

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