Monday, April 2, 2012

Intelligence Test

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This journal on June 18, 2008


The Wechsler Cubes story continues with a paper from December 2009…

"Learning effects were assessed for the block design (BD) task,
on the basis of variation in 2 stimulus parameters:
perceptual cohesiveness (PC) and set size uncertainty (U)." —

(Click image for some background.)

The real intelligence test is, of course, the one Wechsler flunked—
investigating the properties of designs made with sixteen
of his cubes instead of nine.

Nine Stories

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See a search for the title in this journal.

See also Stories about Nine.

Group Actions

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Suggested by the post for Christmas 2010

A Saint for Patrick —

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The Hallowed Crucible  continues…

IMAGE- NY Times online front page item referring to Los Alamos as 'hallowed' and a 'crucible'

From today's New York Times , page B8 of the New York edition—

IMAGE- Paul S. Boyer, 78, Historian; Studied A-Bomb and Witches

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