Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quotes for Michaelmas

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A search in this journal for material related to the previous post
on theta characteristics yields

"The Solomon Key  is the working title of an unreleased
novel in progress by American author Dan Brown. 
The Solomon Key  will be the third book involving the
character of the Harvard professor Robert Langdon,
of which the first two were Angels & Demons  (2000) and 
The Da Vinci Code  (2003)." — Wikipedia

"One has O+(6) ≅ S8, the symmetric group of order 8! …."
 — "Siegel Modular Forms and Finite Symplectic Groups,"
by Francesco Dalla Piazza and Bert van Geemen, 
May 5, 2008, preprint.

"It was only in retrospect
that the silliness
became profound."

— Review of   
Faust in Copenhagen

"The page numbers
are generally reliable."

— Michaelmas 2007 

For further backstory, click the above link "May 5, 2008," 
which now leads to all posts tagged on080505

Geometry for Michaelmas

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See searches for "theta characteristics" in Google and in this journal.

A definition of particular interest for finite geometry —

Theta characteristics as defined in 'On the Coble Quartic,' Grushevsky and Manni, 2012

The Grushevsky-Manni paper above was submitted to the arXiv
on 9 Dec. 2012. For some synchronistically related remarks
suitable for Michaelmas, see this  journal on that date.

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