Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Heaven, Hell, and Hollywood

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The two previous posts suggest a review.

The Thirteenth Perspective

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And then there is the perspective of the above date — May 22, 2017 —
in this  journal:

". . . and just as God defeats the devil . . . ."
       — André Weil to his sister.

Accompanied by Elton John music?

Dancing in the Moonlight

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Instagram screenshot with added note.

Easy E for an Accountant:


Not So Easy:  E-Operators

"A great many other properties of  E-operators
have been found, which I have not space
to examine in detail."

— Sir Arthur EddingtonNew Pathways in Science ,
Cambridge University Press, 1935, page 271.
(This book also presents Eddington's unfortunate
speculations on the fine-structure constant.)

Update of 4:04 AM  ET:
Here is the not-so-tiny-dancer in
the above Instagram screenshot.

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