Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Problem Problem

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For connoisseurs of psychological tests, 
here is an inverse puzzle:

IMAGE- Triangle, circle, square

Given these choices for a solution ,
what is a suitable problem

There is, of course, no single right answer.

One path to an answer might involve
a British webpage and the recent film Branded.

Max von Sydow in Branded  (2012)

(See, too, related remarks on The Queen's Privy Council.)

Raven Light

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"…a fundamental cognitive ability known as 'fluid' intelligence: the capacity to solve novel problems, to learn, to reason, to see connections and to get to the bottom of things. …

…matrices are considered the gold standard of fluid-intelligence tests. Anyone who has taken an intelligence test has seen matrices like those used in the Raven’s: three rows, with three graphic items in each row, made up of squares, circles, dots or the like. Do the squares get larger as they move from left to right? Do the circles inside the squares fill in, changing from white to gray to black, as they go downward? One of the nine items is missing from the matrix, and the challenge is to find the underlying patterns— up, down and across— from six possible choices. Initially the solutions are readily apparent to most people, but they get progressively harder to discern. By the end of the test, most test takers are baffled."

— Dan Hurley, "Can You Make Yourself Smarter?," NY Times , April 18, 2012

See also "Raven Steals the Light" in this  journal.

Related material:

Plan 9 from MIT and, perhaps exemplifying crystallized  rather than fluid  intelligence, Black Diamond.

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