Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rien de Rien*

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In memory of the longtime co-editor of Series A  of the
Journal of Combinatorial Theory , who died on January 12th,
2012, here is a link to a Log24 post of that date.

* For the title, see January 19th.

Die Nichtung

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"It seems that Hilbert had no taste for philosophers….
Hans Rademacher told this reviewer that, after Heidegger
once lectured in Göttingen, Hilbert gleefully repeated
to everyone the phrase "Das Nichts nichtet die Nichtung ."

— Gian-Carlo Rota, Discrete Thoughts , 2nd ed., p. 233

Die Lichtung

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See January 4th, 2012.

(This link resulted from an application of Heidegger's
philosophy of "the opening" and "the shining" (Die Lichtung ).)

See also The Shining of May 29.

Update of 12:19 AM Feb. 3, 2012—
The undated (but cached by Google on January 4th, 2012)
unsigned post from a deleted weblog linked to above as
"an application" is also available in a version that is signed
(but still undated).

The Opening

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From ShiftLock in this journal—

"Philosophy knows nothing of the opening."
— Heidegger

See also a post of September 25, 2009,
and a film whose opening was on that date.

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