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Wiktionary —

тетра́дь   (tetrádʹ)  f  inan 
(genitive  тетра́ди
nominative plural  тетра́ди
genitive plural  тетра́дей)


Borrowing from Ancient Greek τετράδιον  ‎(tetrádion, 
“quaternion of parchment”), from τετράς  ‎(tetrás),


  1.  exercise book, notebook

See also Tetrad in this journal.

Mathematics and Narrative

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Mathematics —

Hudson's parametrization of the
4×4 square, published in 1905:

A later parametrization, from this date in 1986:


A note from later in 1986 shows the equivalence of these
two parametrizations:

Narrative —

Posts tagged Memory-History-Geometry.

The mathematically challenged may prefer the narrative of the
Creation Matrix from the religion of the Transformers:

"According to religious legend, the core of the Matrix
was created from Solomus, the god of wisdom,
trapped in the form of a crystal by Mortilus, the god
of death. Following the defeat of Mortilus, Solomus
managed to transform his crystal prison into the Matrix—
a conduit for the energies of Primus, who had himself
transformed into the life-giving computer Vector Sigma."

At 3:33*

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* A reference to a line in a poem in a novel
by Katherine Neville, The Eight  (1988)

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