Saturday, November 22, 2014

The November 22 Candidate

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Welcome to the Garden Club, Pilgrim


"A journalist with a literary bent, Mr. Eder wrote with an easy grace
and a practiced eye for detail. In 1974, he assessed a cultural
malaise in England during an economic downturn.

'In the West Country town of Hereford,' he began, 'the president
of a women’s club told a year-end meeting that the January bingo
game would be canceled to save electricity. Then she proposed a
New Year’s resolution. "Let us all work to get England back on her
dear old feet," she said and bumped down pinkly into her chair,
overwhelmed by applause.'" — Bruce Weber, NY Times

See also Bingo  in this journal.

Friday, November 21, 2014


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When Three Into One Equals More” New York Times  headline

See also Trinity in this journal.  From that search:

                     … The actor is
A metaphysician in the dark….

— Wallace Stevens,
Of Modern Poetry

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