Friday, October 19, 2012

Midnight Politics

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For Mitt 

See "A Deskful of Girls" in Fritz Leiber's Selected Stories .

See also the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene in 2009.

And for Clint

From "Deskful":

I quickly settled myself in the chair, not to be gingerly
about it. It was rather incredibly comfortable, almost
as if it had adjusted its dimensions a bit at the last
instant to conform to mine. The back was narrow at
the base but widened and then curled in and over to
almost a canopy around my head and shoulders.
The seat too widened a lot toward the front, where
the stubby legs were far apart. The bulky arms
sprang unsupported from the back and took my own
just right, though curving inwards with the barest
suggestion of a hug. The leather or unfamiliar plastic
was as firm and cool as young flesh and its texture
as mat under my fingertips.

"An historic chair," the Doctor observed, "designed
and built for me by von Helmholtz of the Bauhaus…."

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Story for St. Luke

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"When Death tells a story,
you really have to listen."

The Book Thief  (cover)

Box Office…

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Meets Holy Office

Philanthropic Numerology

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For St. Luke's Day

In memory of a philanthropist
who reportedly died last Sunday

Part I— A safe deposit box number from
the 2006 Denzel Washington film "Inside Man"—

IMAGE- Safe deposit box number 392

Part II—A related occurrence of the same number in
the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Part III— The 1998 Denzel Washington film "Fallen."

Part IV— The works of Octavia Butler
in particular, the character Doro in Wild Seed  (1980)
and Mind of My Mind  (1977).

Kirkus Reviews on the 1977 novel

"Butler is clearly on to a promising vein—
something like Zenna Henderson's 'People' stories
without their saccharine silliness."

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