Thursday, September 7, 2017

His Friend Irma

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"As the film progresses, the plot mirrors
the disorientation felt by the film's director."

— Wikipedia, Irma Vep

The director in question is one Olivier Assayas.

See also Assayas in this journal.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Yale Mot

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From a New York Post  review of "Clouds of Sils Maria,"
a film that opened yesterday —

"Assayas [the writer-director] evidently thinks he’s
being daring and original and avant-garde in leaving
so much open-ended. But you can tell what really
interests him isn’t doing the work of a serious artist
but the comfy trappings of one — the swank dining
rooms, the posh cars with drivers always at the ready.
What’s French for bourgeois? Never mind.
'Clouds' isn’t a film but an idea for a film —
unfinished, unsatisfying, undergraduate."

Kyle Smith, Yale '89

From this date last year:

"Here was finality indeed, and cleavage!"

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