Saturday, August 7, 2010

Camp Inception

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With a nod to Larry Doyle's "Sleeper Camp"—

From the Mathcamp Reunion Schedule for Saturday, July 24, 2010—

2:30-3:30 PM — John Conway Colloquium

3:30-5:30 PM — Relays: Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory!

In this  journal on Saturday, July 24—

Playing with Blocks (noon) and The Leonardo Code (1 PM).


A happy Mathcamper defines Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory—

…Heaven and Hell relays. your team starts in hell, when you get one right, one person can go to heaven and work on heaven questions, but first they have to pass through purgatory. aka this means entertain the people running purgatory. for me this meant dancing in the middle of the gym. i danced and sung the YMCA, which they deemed sufficient (thankfully).

Imaginary Thoughts and Irrational Ideas weblog

Note in the Mathcamp schedule the Friday night Shabbat dinner and the religious activity on Sunday— a "mini-puzzle hunt."

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