Saturday, August 2, 2003

Saturday August 2, 2003

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Late Night Grande Hotel

“I feel like Garbo in this late night Grande Hotel
 ‘Cause living alone is all I’ve ever done well”

Nanci Griffith, Song lyric

“…the thought of those dark three
Is dark, thought of the forms of dark desire.”

— Wallace Stevens,
    “The Owl in the Sarcophagus” 

“I am not as romantically entrancing as the immortal film star… but I have a rough-and-ready charm of my own.”

— Fritz Leiber, The Big Time

“But she that says good-by…
    stood tall in self
    not symbol, quick
And potent, an influence felt
    instead of seen.”
— Wallace Stevens,
“The Owl in the Sarcophagus”


Thank you, KHYI.com, for playing Nanci Griffith on this, the feast day of Presbyterian saint Wallace Stevens.  She is not Garbo or Marie Trintignant (see previous entry), but she will do.

 “Beauty is momentary in the mind —
     The fitful tracing of a portal;
     But in the flesh it is immortal.”
     — Wallace Stevens,
     Peter Quince at the Clavier

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