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A Letterman introduction for Plato's Academy Awards:

"Cunning, Anna. Anna, Cunning." (Rimshot.)

But seriously . . .

"This work [of Wierzbicka and colleagues] has led to
a set of highly concrete proposals about a hypothesized
irreducible core of all human languages. This universal core
is believed to have a fully ‘language-like’ character in the sense
that it consists of a lexicon of semantic primitives together with
a syntax governing how the primitives can be combined
(Goddard, 1998)." — Wikipedia, Semantic Primes

Goddard C. (1998) — Bad arguments against semantic primitives. 
Theoretical Linguistics  24:129-156.

Related fiction . . . Lexicon , by Max Barry (2013).  See Barry in this  journal.

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