Monday, August 9, 2021

Harvard Elegy

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Bryan Marquard in The Boston Globe  yesterday 
on a professor who died on 7 July, 2021 —

" A Harvard Medical School professor emeritus in psychiatry,
Dr. Hobson told the Globe in 2011 that he didn’t 'feel bad about
taking on Sigmund Freud. I think Sigmund Freud has become
politically correct. Psychoanalysis has become the bible, and
I think that’s crazy.'

He also forcefully set aside the theories of Carl Jung, the Swiss
psychiatrist who analyzed dreams and saw them as important
messages sent from the psyche.

'If you’re a pure scientist, Jung is just deadly,' Dr. Hobson said
in [a] 2005 interview. 'The collective unconscious, the anima
these are literary constructs. You can’t do any science on that
kind of stuff.' ”

See as well this  journal on 7 July 2021 —

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