Friday, July 11, 2003

Friday July 11, 2003

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Links for St. Benedict

Today is the feast of St. Benedict.

Here is a link from the left:

The Trial of Depleted Uranium,
by Saint Philip Berrigan

Here is a link from the right:

On a Preview of “The Passion,”
a film by Saint Mel Gibson

Both Berrigan and Gibson are devout  Catholics.  (I use the present tense for Berrigan, though he is dead, since, as a saint, he is not very dead.)  Both are worthy of respect, and should be listened to carefully, even though the religion they espouse is that of Hitler and Torquemada.


For more details, see sites related to the above links…. Click on either of the logos below — on the left, a Jewish meditation from the Conference of Catholic Bishops; on the right, an Aryan meditation from Stormfront.org.


Both logos represent different embodiments of the “story theory” of truth, as opposed to the “diamond theory” of truth.  Both logos claim, in their own ways, to represent the eternal Logos of the Christian religion.  I personally prefer the “diamond theory” of truth, represented by the logo below.

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