Friday, July 11, 2003

Friday July 11, 2003

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Las Manos de Gershwin

Today is the feast day of St. George Gershwin.

The hands of
George Gershwin,
by Al Hirschfeld

For related material, see

Saint Nicholas vs. Mount Doom and

Leadbelly Under the Volcano.

See also related material on Judaism and on Lord of the Rings in this morning's links to the Conference of Catholic Bishops and to Stormfront.org.

More on the film "Las Manos de Orlac" discussed briefly in the Under the Volcano link above:

Facetious:  Digits of Death

Serious:  Under the Volcano: A Dissertation.

From the latter —

"The ubiquitous posters advertising the 1935 MGM film Mad Love,

advertised in Spanish as Las Manos de Orlac [The Hands of Orlac]…  reiterates this theme. … Moreover, the current showings of Las Manos de Orlac represent a revival, the film having been shown in Quauhnahuac a year or so before. A 'revival' is literally a return to life…."

Recall where the letters of transit in Casablanca were hidden.

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