Saturday, July 12, 2003

Saturday July 12, 2003

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From my entry of Epiphany 2003,

Dead Poet in the City of Angels:

Certain themes recur in these entries.  To describe such recurrent themes, in art and in life, those enamoured of metaphors from physics may ponder the phrase “implicate order.”

For an illustration of at least part of the implicate order, click here .

On this, the day when Orangemen parade in Northern Ireland, it seems appropriate to expand on the two links I cited last Epiphany.

For the implicate order and Finnegans Wake, see sections 33 and 34 of

Understanding the (Net) Wake.

The second link in the box above is to the Chi-Rho page in the Book of Kells.  For a commentary on the structure of this page and the structure of Finnegans Wake, see

James Joyce’s Whirling Mandala.

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