Sunday, March 28, 2021

Logocentric Citation

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From the RSS feed of The Chronicle of Higher Education ‘s site
Arts & Letters Daily  this evening —

“Despite the wide scope of his bibliography and reception,
Derrida was a specialist in a subfield of his own design,
more or less: the philosophy of writing, which upends
the privileging of speech over writing that has dominated
Western metaphysics since Plato. This ‘phonocentrism’
(which Derrida yarns into ‘logocentrism,’ and eventually,
‘phallocentrism’) starts from a false premise, that the
moment of utterance in Aristotle’s view is somehow more
rhetorically ‘present’ than the kairos of writing….”

Andrew Marzoni,  March 10, 2021:
“Outside the Text: Jacques Derrida resists
easy canonization in a new hagiography for the Left.”

A related image from this  journal
on that same date, March 10, 2021:

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