Sunday, March 28, 2021

Gap Dance

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“Plato and Hegel always recognized the importance of the  gap:
they invoke the gap (the opening, the separation, the division)
and they put it to work. The inescapable gaps that cannot  be bridged,
that cannot  be filled, play a central role in Derrida’s thought and in
our response to his death. The gaps in Derrida’s work resist the  gap;
they swerve, deviate and wander (écarter ) – gaps move . When someone
or something takes pre-cedence  (goes first, goes before, goes on ahead
and gives up its place ) a gap is opened. There (are) only gaps, the gaps
that Jacques Derrida has left behind him and  in front of him: the
pre-cedence of gaps. This tracing of gaps (écarts ) is a preface to an
impossible  mourning, a mourning that one must at once avoid and
affirm. It keeps returning to Derrida’s Dissemination  (1972)….”

— Page vii of The Impossible Mourning of Jacques Derrida ,
by Sean Gaston (Continuum Books, London/New York, 2006)

Later in the same book —

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