Sunday, July 13, 2003

Sunday July 13, 2003

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Ground Zero

Today’s birthday: Harrison Ford is 61.

             From The Gag

Seven – Eleven Dice 

Throw a seven or eleven every time. Set consists of a pair of regular dice and another set that can’t miss. A product of the S. S. Adams Company. Make your friends and family laugh with this great prank!

 New York State Lottery:

7-11 Evening Number: 000.

From the conclusion of
Joan Didion’s 1970 novel
Play It As It Lays: 

“I know what ‘nothing’ means,
and keep on playing.”

From a review of the 1970 film Zabriskie Point:

“The real star of Zabriskie Point… is the desolate, parched-white landscape of Death Valley….”

For Harrison Ford and Zabriskie Point, see

Harrison Ford – Le Site En Fran├žais

The Harrison Ford of the 1970 film Zabriskie Point and the “Harrison Porter” of the 1970 novel Play It As It Lays may not be completely unrelated.

For the religious significance of the names “Porter” and “BZ” in Play It As It Lays, see both the devilish site

A Wake-Macbeth Intertext:

“Both ‘porter’ and ‘belzey babble’ operate as textual ‘grafts’ and ‘hinges’ …”

and the Princeton site

Macbeth, Act II, Scene 3

{Enter a Porter. Knocking within}

1. Here’s a knocking indeed!
    If a man were porter
2. of hell-gate he should have old
    turning the key.{Knock within}
3. Knock, knock, knock. Who’s there,
    i’ th’ name of
4. Beelzebub?

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  1. Thanks for the Wake-MacBeth bit…just watched Scotland, PA  which is a contemporized take on MacBeth.  If you like fluff and good looking young people I recommend it as a breezy watch.

    This synchronicity brought to your attention by me.

    Comment by BettyDoesLife — Sunday, July 13, 2003 @ 9:17 AM

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