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Eternal Spark

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According to Lt. Col. Wayne M. McDonnell in June 1983 —

“… it is accurate to observe that when a person experiences
the out-of- body state he is, in fact, projecting that eternal spark
of consciousness and memory which constitutes the ultimate
source of his identity….”

— Section 27, “Consciousness in Perspective,” of
“Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process.”

A related quotation —

“In truth, the physical AllSpark  is but a shell….”


From the post Ghost in the Shell  (Feb. 26, 2019) —

See also, from posts tagged Ogdoad Space

“Like the Valentinian Ogdoad— a self-creating theogonic system
of eight Aeons in four begetting pairs— the projected eightfold work
had an esoteric, gnostic quality; much of Frye’s formal interest lay in
the ‘schematosis’ and fearful symmetries of his own presentations.”

— From p. 61 of James C. Nohrnberg’s “The Master of the Myth
of Literature: An Interpenetrative Ogdoad for Northrop Frye,”
Comparative Literature , Vol. 53 No. 1, pp. 58-82, Duke University
Press (quarterlyJanuary 2001)

— as well as . . .

Related illustration from posts tagged with
the quilt term Yankee Puzzle

IMAGE- 'Yankee Puzzle' quilt block pattern on cover of Northrop Frye's 'Anatomy of Criticism'

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