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Cock Tale for Rikki

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With apologies to those readers unable to follow knight moves .

The Queen’s Gambit , by Walter Tevis,
published Feb. 16, 1983

“Would you care for a cocktail?” he asked pleasantly.
She looked around her at 
the quiet restaurant,
at the people eating lunch, at the 
table with desserts
near the velvet rope at the entrance to 
the dining room.
“A Gibson,” she said. “On the rocks.”

Omni  July 1982

“A silver tide of phosphenes boiled across my field of vision
as the matrix began to unfold in my head, a 3-D chessboard,
infinite and perfectly transparent.”

Steely Dan, 1974 —

“‘Rikki Don’t Lose That Number‘ is a single
released in 1974 by rock/jazz rock group Steely Dan
and the opening track of their third album Pretzel Logic .
It was the most successful single of the group’s career,
peaking at number 4 on the Billboard  Hot 100 in
the summer of 1974.” — Wikipedia

Brian Harley, Mate in Two Moves , 1931—

The key is the cocktail that begins the proceedings.”

See as well my post “Introduction to Cyberspace” (May 26, 2020).

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