Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Space Force

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New Yorker  video  today, at 14:00-14:25 —

“What’s good about KenKen, and Sudoku, and crosswords,
all of those puzzles like that, is that they have grids to be filled in,
empty squares. I think there is something about human nature
that we want to fill up spaces. And if you’re a puzzle person,
or almost anybody, and you see an empty grid, you want to
put something in those spaces. It gives a feeling of satisfaction
that you don’t get often in life and that really feels good.”

— Will Shortz, New York Times  puzzle editor

“I can’t get no… satisfaction….” — The Rolling Stones

The New Yorker  recently restarted the Weiner story,
which includes —

“… the fall of 2017, when he began a twenty-one-month
prison sentence for sexting with a minor.”

“You want to put something in those spaces.”

— Will Shortz, New York Times  puzzle editor

Yes, you do.

Weiner is now with a Brooklyn countertops company called IceStone.

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