Monday, December 14, 2020

Espace Carré

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“Leave a space.” — Tom Stoppard, “Jumpers.”

Obituary of a novelist  in The Washington Post  yesterday —

“He gave various explanations for how he chose his nom de plume
le Carré means ‘the square’ in French —
before ultimately admitting he didn’t really know.”

Related material for Dan Brown — Imperial Symbology and . . .

“Together with Tolkien and Lewis, this group forms
the Oxford School of children’s fantasy literature. . . .
They all celebrate the purported wisdom of old stories,
and follow the central tenet that Tolkien set out
for fairy-stories: ‘one thing must not be made fun of,
the magic itself.  That must in the story be taken seriously,
neither laughed at nor explained away.’ “

A leftist academic’s  essay at aeon.co, “Empire of Fantasy,”
on St. Andrew’s Day, 2020.

A more respectable writer on literature and magic —

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