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“In The Uncanny  Nicholas Royle defined Freud’s Unheimlichkeit
and the experience of an ‘unreal reality’ as ‘another thinking of
beginning’. But if we are to take him at his word, ‘the beginning
is already haunted’ and we may wish to interpret his debut novel
Quilt  as spectrally haunted by the critic’s earlier theory. The essay,
which is structured telephonically, since it refers both to Royle’s
view of literature as telepathy (i.e. another form of ‘tele-‘) and the
beginning of the novel, reads Quilt  from its ‘Afterward’, to unveil
two main ghosts haunting Royle’s novel: that of Jacques Derrida
and that of James Joyce.”

—Arleen Ionescu, abstract of a 2013 essay on Royle’s Quilt .

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