Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Scrolling

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Heller: I'm a weapons designer. (grabs Shoveler's collar) I've got 
what you need.
Shoveler: A--All right. We'll--we'll come back. We'll visit all of you 
people, later. Thank you, sir.
Heller: No no no no no. I--I don't live here. I'm here for the ladies. 
You know. Here, take my card. 

|Aromatherapy                  Laser Hair Removal|
|               Doctor A. Heller                 |
|               Weapons Designer                 |
|              Innovator, Inventor               |
|                 World Changer                  |
|                                                |
|                 Old Funhouse                   |
|              Heller Fairgrounds                |
|              Test Site Number 7                |
|Carnival Rides                   Chicken Rentals|

My name's Heller. Say it with me.
Heller&Shoveler: Heller.
Shoveler: All right. Thank you. (he absently puts Heller's card in his 

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