Sunday, June 28, 2020

Mystic Cristal Revelation

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In memory of actress Linda Cristal — The New York Times  today —

“After a modest film career, followed by guest roles on television,
Ms. Cristal auditioned for ‘The High Chaparral,’ a western
developed by David Dortort, the creator and producer of ‘Bonanza.’
In her telling, it was a memorable occasion.”

Judy Carne and Hoss in NBC’s “Bonanza,”  a nemesis of
CBS Sunday programming.

The New York Times  on “Bonanza” in 2010

“Mr. Dortort oversaw production of the show for most of its run. In addition
to telling stories based on historical events involving the Comstock Lode and
the oncoming Civil War, the show dealt with themes like racial prejudice and
religious tolerance. Mostly, though, its drama, and its popularity, were because
of its focus on the Cartwrights and their tightknit bond.

‘What is the message?’ Mr. Dortort said. ‘Love is the message.’

David Solomon Katz was born in Brooklyn to Jewish immigrant parents from
Eastern Europe on Oct. 23, 1916, and grew up in a neighborhood famous for
the gangsters of Murder Inc. …”

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