Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Tuesday June 24, 2003

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In memory of Leon Uris:

Mate Change Problem

White to mate in 2 moves

H.W.Grant, 1st Prize,
Australian Column 1924

The concept of “mate change,” appropriate on this, the coronation date of Henry VIII, is explained at Chathurangam.com, my source for the above problem.

For the connection with Leon Uris, find the “key” to the above chess problem… i.e., the notation for White’s first move.

From the New York Times, June 24:

“Reviewing Mr. Uris’s 1976 novel Trinity in The New York Times Book Review, Pete Hamill wrote: ‘Leon Uris is a storyteller, in a direct line from those men who sat around fires in the days before history and made the tribe more human.'”

Uris, 78, died at the summer solstice… Saturday, June 21, 2003. 

See also Force Field of Dreams.

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