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Mathematische Appetithäppchen:
Faszinierende Bilder. Packende Formeln. Reizvolle Sätze

Autor: Erickson, Martin —

"Weitere Informationen zu diesem Themenkreis finden sich
unter http://​www.​encyclopediaofma​th.​org/​index.​php/​

und http://​finitegeometry.​org/​sc/​gen/​coord.​html ."

Lines from the 2013 Jim Jarmusch film
"Only Lovers Left Alive" —

Eve:  “… So what is this then? Can’t you tell your wife
what your problem is?”

Adam:  “It’s the zombies and the way they treat the world.
I just feel like all the sand's at the bottom of the hourglass
or something.”

Eve:  “Time to turn it over then.”

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