Thursday, March 6, 2003

Thursday March 6, 2003

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Geometry for Jews

Today is Michelangelo's birthday.

Those who prefer the Sistine Chapel to the Rothko Chapel may invite their Jewish friends to answer the following essay question:

Discuss the geometry underlying the above picture.  How is this geometry related to the work of Jewish artist Sol LeWitt? How is it related to the work of Aryan artist Ernst Witt?  How is it related to the Griess "Monster" sporadic simple group whose elements number 

808 017 424 794 512 875 886 459 904 961 710 757 005 754 368 000 000 000?

Some background:


  1. Thank goodness I am not Jewish, (I think) because I couldn’t begin to answer the question. Or at least I don’t want to think that hard today.

    Btw, Michangelo’s work was shown here in Chicago, during the late fall.

    Comment by NickyJett — Thursday, March 6, 2003 @ 3:56 PM

  2. I was just listening to that release of Frank’s yesterday (he was a good friend of my paternal grandmother for many years).

    I love coming here. Your posts make me think. Few do.

    And thanks for the guestbook comment. That meant a lot.

    Comment by starboard — Thursday, March 6, 2003 @ 5:54 PM

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