Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Better Story —

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Or, “Get me rewrite!”

Today’s New York Times online–

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein imagines a story about academics discussing literary theory—

“Rumors had reached us of a doctrine called Theory emanating from distant corners of the university. We in the Department of Philosophy understood it immediately as a grand hoax. I will not dwell on my particular amusement, in which I was so tragically at odds with my collaborator, Theo Rhee….

… It was at this moment that Hans Furth appeared and ambled over….”

And thanks to Google Books, here he is—

“…I can imagine the decisive evolutionary beginnings of humans and societies… not in an adult version, but in the playful mentality of children…. An unlikely story? Perhaps. I am looking out for a better story.”

Hans G. Furth, Desire for Society: Children’s Knowledge as Social Imagination, published by Springer, 1996, p. 181

As am I. (See previous post.) One possibility, from 1943— “Mimsy Were the Borogoves.”

Another possibility, from 1953—  not Theo Rhee, but rather “Loo Ree.”

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