Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sermon for the Cruelest Month

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In the Details

For kids– NY Times— "Hit-Girl survives."

For adults– LA Times

"Dede Allen dies at 86; editor revolutionized
 imagery, sound and pace in U.S. films

 Her work on 1967's 'Bonnie and Clyde' ushered in
 a new aesthetic that's now the standard in American film

Claudia Luther of the LA Times on Allen, who died yesterday—

"… she learned the craft of editing: the assemblage of various scenes to create a coherent film.

In the early days of Hollywood, the cutters, as they were called, were often women, perhaps because, as Allen once commented to author Ally Acker, 'women have always been good at little details, like sewing.'"….

"Ebert wrote of Allen's work on 'The Hustler' that she found the rhythm in the pool games— 'the players circling, the cue sticks, the balls, the watching faces— that implies the trance-like rhythm of the players. Her editing "tells" the games so completely that if we don't understand pool, we forget that we don't.'"


“Oscar is your name,” she said firmly.
Oscar and Aster.  Scar and Star.

The Hustler

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