Friday, April 16, 2010

The Craft, continued

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Image--Movie poster for 'The Craft'

"Honesty's the best policy."
— Miguel de Cervantes   

"Liars prosper."
— Anonymous   

— Epigraphs to On Writing:
A Memoir of the Craft
by Stephen King

Lavender Blue,
Dilly, Dilly,
Lavender Green…
Image-- Spacek as Carrie

The cruelest month continues…

"…as Newton conceived it, the distinction between
the individualities of two particles is so marked that
it is impossible for them ever to coincide or for
either of them to alter the being of the other…."

"Waves interfere with each other because they are
interchangeable and thus not distinguishable;
two processes can coincide in space and time
but two substances cannot. Thus the wave
reveals a whole new possibility of identity…."

"The concept of a field is elusive."

— Peter Pesic, Seeing Double: Shared Identities
in Physics, Philosophy, and Literature
Chapter 6, "The Fields of Light"

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