Monday, September 4, 2017

Up to Date

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The obituary for Sekler is somewhat surprising, given that he
reportedly died on May 1, 2017. His burial is also rather late,
according to the Globe  

"A service has been held for Dr. Sekler . . . .
 He will be buried Sept. 29 in a cemetery
 in Vienna, in his family’s plot."

"A memorial lecture in his honor is planned for November
at the Harvard Graduate School of Design." — The Globe

"All in good time, my little pretty."

Another design note related to May Day 2017 —

Related material —

A Vanderbilt University article titled "The significance of Sheriff Bell’s
dreams at the end of No Country for Old Men
," and an obituary from
a Log24 post, "Extreme Aesthetic Distance," of August 27, 2017 . . .

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