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A Scottish physicist credited with key experimental work
in the sensing of space-time ripples has died, today's
online New York Times  reports.

From a BBC obituary online on Wed., March 8, 2017 —

An unconventional R.I.P. from this journal on March 7,
the reported date of the ripple-seeker's death —

"The supervisory read-only memory (SROM)
in question is a region of proprietary code
that runs when the chip starts up,
and in privileged mode."

— Elliot Williams at Hackaday , March 4, 2017,
     "Reading the Unreadable SROM"

Some R.I.P. backstory from a recent film, "Passengers" —


Aurora sits at a library workstation . . .


What about research articles, any kind of
technical documents?


Hibernation technology is proprietary.
The following articles deal with the subject
on a theoretical level. 

For a "theoretical level" I prefer, see a passage quoted in
the above March 7 Log24 post, "Hackaday Story" —

According to Orphic myth —

  " You will find to the left of the House of Hades
    a spring,
  And by the side thereof standing
    a white cypress.
  To this spring approach not near.
  But you shall find another,
    from the lake of Memory
  Cold water flowing forth, and there are
    guardians before it.
  Say, 'I am a child of Earth and starry Heaven;
  But my race is of Heaven alone.
    This you know yourselves.
  But I am parched with thirst and I perish.
    Give me quickly
  The cold water flowing forth
    from the lake of Memory.' "

See as well today's previous post.

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