Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Zen and the Art

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From today's print version of the New York Times —

“He eliminates anything that’s not essential
from the face of this little rabbit until it’s really
reduced to the absolute minimum,”
Mr. Dibbits said. “And he does the same for
the text of his children’s books. He uses a
language that’s not simple or stupid, but he
reduces to the bare essentials.”

About his own work, Mr. Bruna once said,
“I spend a long time making my drawings
as simple as possible, throwing lots away,
before I reach that moment of recognition.”
He added, “I leave plenty of space for children’s

The result is a series of “Zen-like” tales,
Ms. Vogt said, “and that’s also part of the
universal appeal.”

The passage above is from an obituary for an artist who
reportedly died on Feb. 16.

See also, in this journal, "How deep the rabbit hole goes."

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