Saturday, February 18, 2017

Not Strange Enough?

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Peter Woit today discusses a book by one Zeeya Merali:

Some earlier remarks by Merali:

Zeeya Merali in Nature  on 28 August 2013

"… a small band of researchers who think that
the usual ideas are not yet strange enough.
If nothing else, they say, neither of the two great
pillars of modern physics — general relativity,
which describes gravity as a curvature of space
and time, and quantum mechanics, which governs
the atomic realm — gives any account for
the existence of space and time.

. . . .

'All our experiences tell us we shouldn't have two
dramatically different conceptions of reality —
there must be one huge overarching theory,' says
Abhay Ashtekar, a physicist at Pennsylvania State
University in University Park."

See as well Overarching and Doctor Strange in this  journal.

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