Saturday, February 27, 2010


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              Tell me about yourself, Linda.
              What do you want to know?
              Anything. I'd just like to know about you.
              Well, basically...
              ...I'm an actress.
              That's wonderful.
              I like drama. I study.
              Yes? Where's that?
              Paul DeLucca. Have you ever heard of him?
              Paul DeLucca? No, but then I wouldn't.
              He's really well-known. He's a genius.
              I'm sure.
              He says he thinks I'm going to make it big.
              I know you will.
              Maybe you've seen some of my movies.
              It's possible.
              Did you ever see The Enchanted Pussy?
              Not yet. But I... I... it's on my list.
              They're videotaped, so you could rent it.
              -- Mighty Aphrodite

                   See also Fish Story.

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