Thursday, August 11, 2016

Logic of the Dust

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"Dust is a fictional elementary particle that is of
fundamental importance within the story." 

— Wikipedia on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials  trilogy

A review of posts tagged Kabbalah yields —

  "If all that 'matters' are fundamentally mathematical relationships, then there ceases to be any important difference between the actual and the possible. (Even if you aren't a mathematical Platonist, you can always find some collection of particles of dust to fit any required pattern. In Permutation City  this is called the 'logic of the dust' theory.)….
    Paul Durham is convinced by the 'logic of the dust' theory mentioned above, and plans to run, just for a few minutes, a complex cellular automaton (Permutation City) started in a 'Garden of Eden' configuration — one which isn't reachable from any other, and which therefore must have been the starting point of a simulation….  I didn't understand the need for this elaborate set-up, but I guess it makes for a better story than 'well, all possible worlds exist, and I'm going to tell you about one of them.' "

— Danny Yee, review of Permutation City
     a novel by Greg Egan

See also in this journal a search for Dark Matter.

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