Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Und Dann …

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In memory of CBS TV programmer Michael Dann,
who reportedly died at 94 on Friday, May 27 —

Don't Forget Hoss

Judy Carne and Hoss in NBC's "Bonanza,"  a nemesis
of CBS Sunday programming.

In other entertainment news

Cartoonist Frank Modell reportedly died at 98, 
also on Friday, May 27.

In his  memory, part of a Weird Tale from 1948 that is
illustrated (sort of) by a more recent Modell drawing —

Wild Devising

"No one ever found out who the dead man was.
He had no luggage and no identification;
he had been hitchhiking, and he had
over ninety dollars in his pocket.
He might have been anybody—
someone from show business, or a writer perhaps,
on a haywire vacation of his own wild devising.
I suppose that doesn't matter either.
What does matter is that he died while
Grace was in a very close communion
with what he was doing, and her mind was
wide open for his fantasy. …. "

— Theodore Stugeon, "The Perfect Host,"
Weird Tales , November 1948, page 15

Some context:  This morning's post
"Entertainment in Plato's Cave," and
a few titles from my Kindle library —

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