Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How the Story Goes

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"I need a man who knows
how the story goes."
— Shania Twain

"The causal story is that a crippled epistemology leads to fanaticism, which then leads to the urge for governmental control…

It is only through gaining control of a state in the modern era that a fanatical group could expect to exclude contrary views and thereby maintain the crippled epistemology of their followers. With the power of a state behind them, they can coerce."

— P. 18 in Russell Hardin, "The Crippled Epistemology of Extremism" (Pp. 3-22 in Political Rationality and Extremism, Albert Breton et al., eds., Cambridge University Press, 2002).

This is the source of more recent uses of the phrase "crippled epistemology."

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