Thursday, October 10, 2002

Thursday October 10, 2002

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In Lieu of Rosebud…

On this date in 1985, Orson Welles died

…sitting at his typewriter, working on the next day's script changes for his movie,"The Other Side of the Wind."

— Louis Bülow, The Third Man and Orson Welles

From a review of "Leaving Las Vegas" — a film starring Nicolas Cage that includes a tribute to Welles:

At least Cage dies without saying "Rosebud."

To me, the musical equivalent of "Rosebud" in this film is a song that Sting sings on the soundtrack, "Angel Eyes," which of course was rendered to perfection in Vegas by Sinatra long before Cage and Sting.

One visual equivalent, in turn, of "Angel Eyes," is to me a sketch for a painting I did in 1976.  This has been likened to the many eyes of an angelic creature named Proginoskes in a novel for children and adolescents by Madeleine L'Engle.

Perhaps the dark cynicism of Leaving Las Vegas (the book) might be somewhat counterbalanced by the looney religiosity of A Wind in the Door, L'Engle's novel.

At any rate, here are links to the "Angel Eyes"

music and picture.

© 1976 Steven H. Cullinane

Also, "Angel Eyes" is now the background music for this site; one night of the Bach midi was enough.

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  1. Steven, I am friends with a wise and wonderful woman, Mollie Field, who does fractal art work, painstakingly by hand with small pieces of black paper, into magnificent designs such as you have pictured here.  She is working on her first major showing … my sister, has digital photos that I’d like to send you.

    Your work, and hers, are eerily similar.  So much that I think the two of you ought to hook up by mail, at the least.  She is brilliant as well, another similarity between you.  When her web site is completed, I’ll be sure to give you the URL.

    That all said, nice post.  At first I was thrown, but it all came together in the end.
    You have a way with synchronicity. 

    Comment by oOMisfitOo — Thursday, October 10, 2002 @ 6:41 PM

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