Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Old Philosopher of Cambridge

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A Log24 post yesterday was titled
"To an Old Philosopher in Cambridge."
This  post is about one such philosopher,
the current president of Harvard University.

From May 2015 —

" 'When I publicly engage on an issue, it elevates it,' 
Faust said in an interview this month. 'So I want to
be very careful of how I use my voice ….'

In 2007, Faust put her philosophy more succinctly.
Referencing Harvard Business School professor
Michael E. Porter, Faust told the New York Times
that she often considers the mantra 'strategy is
what you don’t do.' "

The Harvard Crimson  on May 28, 2015

This  journal on May 28, 2015 —


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See as well Jews on Fiction.

Related material —  Michael Porter: The Great and Powerful.

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